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SEBASTIAN(7)                           Linux User's Manual                            SEBASTIAN(7)


Sebastian Sobczynski - Linux sys admin


sebastian [--admin systems|database] [--developer] [--educator] [--leader] [--other]


Experienced, highly motivated Linux Engineer with expertise in LAMP stack, Linux systems configuration, troubleshooting and very good general understanding of IT systems.

I'm a member of 3rd line support team responsible to provide support for mission critcal systems.


--admin systems

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux
* Debian, Ubuntu

Comfortable working with open source technologies in large-scale environments. Very proficient with KVM and the libvirt tool stack.

Experienced in rapid deployment and configuration management technologies such as kickstarts, Spacewalk Server, Ansible and SaltStack.

Able to set up vital Linux infrastructure components including load balancers (Keepalived, HAProxy), DNS servers (Bind, PowerDNS), web/application servers (Apache, Nginx), and mail servers (Postfix). Familiar with network-level security policies as well as server-level security layers like SELinux. Well-versed in Cisco ASA firewall management.

Red Hat Linux Certifications:

* Red Hat Certified Engineer - RHEL 6

--admin database

Skilled in MySQL database administration for standalone servers as well as replicated and clustered environments like Galera cluster.

Experienced user of Percona Toolkit for MySQL


Currently on Python learning curve but able to work with PHP, and shell scripting if needed.

I also maintain a few RPM packages internally using Mock utility and various system tools and scripts.


Started a small technical blog to share knowledge:

* - Linux Sysadmin Tutorials


Passionate problem solver in customer-facing environments, happy to mentor less experienced colleagues and share expertise.


I'm enthusiastic about open source software and I like to learn about new technologies.


* Oracle

- Senior Linux Systems Administrator

* Pulsant

- Senior Linux Systems Administrator

* Maglabs

- Linux System Administrator

* ClearBooks

- Linux System Administrator


* E-mail: sebastian dot seo at live dot co dot uk
* Technical blog:

Sebastian                          2014-09-20                                  SEBASTIAN(7)